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The Kindle Fire comes with the following apps built in

Written By matheri on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 | 10:07 AM

The Kindle Fire comes with the following apps built in :

Kindle eBook reader
This is capable of reading Kindle eBooks including the latest Kindle Format 8. Despite the LCD screen, the books display nicely and are quite easy to read for fairly long periods. If your book includes colour images then these will naturally display in full colour and add to the experience. The cover display is also very welcome. Usual controls for font style and line spacing are present, but sadly there is no text-to-speech function.

Web Browser
The web browser is a fairly standard webkit based browser. It has support for all modern browser capabilities and also is capable of running Adobe Flash, so pretty much all websites work just fine.
You can zoom in on web pages as well as rotate the device for portrait or landscape mode. My only gripe with the browser is that it doesn't always give you enough feedback, leaving you unsure sometimes if you've clicked a link or not. Similarly with file downloads, you have to be alert and notice the download start or you can end up downloading the file twice.

Amazon music player
This is quite polished and seems very capable. It can play MP3 files you transfer to the device, but will only reach its full potential when able to connect to the Amazon MP3 store, something only possible at present if you have a US account / credit card and are located in the US.

This is a very nice application for viewing images. The galleries scroll smoothly and you can zoom in very easily. Now, if only the Kindle Fire had a camera.

Does what it says on the tin. Manage your addresses and phone numbers.

This is a fairly simple email client, but looks smart, is easy to configure and also provides nice notifications when mail comes in. It doesn't allow any formatting when composing an email, but has all the expected functions including adding file attachments. It's quite basic, but adequate for general email use.

Like the MP3 player this depends on being able to connect to Amazon's US only video on demand service, so it's pretty much useless in the UK. As far as I have been able to test, it won't play videos you transfer yourself, such a mp4 files. You can however use the Gallery app to play video.

PDF viewer via Kindle app
This is extremely basic offering simple turn the page navigation and little else, not even a way to go to the beginning or end of a PDF. If you use PDFs a lot, you will want to install an alternative fairly soon.

These are the main pre-installed apps. There is no calculator or a calendar/planner which would be really useful. All of Amazon's own apps are very polished and well integrated with the Kindle Fire experience, which is a definite plus over many other Android tablets.

Aside from these, you also get apps for Facebook, IMDB and a few others. The Facebook app is merely a shortcut to the Facebook website. There is also Quick Office which allows you to view Word docs and Excel spreadsheets.


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