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Are you having problems with Kindle?

Written By matheri on Thursday, June 21, 2012 | 8:52 PM

problems with kindle
Are you having problems with Kindle?

If you are form UK, I found a very usefull information from the internet in case if you have a problems with Kindle and the I think that you should take note with.

It is specificly about problems with Kindle Fire.

1. About the Apps : You may need an US crecit card for it, otherwise you will have problem when downloading it. Download is available in Kindle Store. It can be settled with root the Kindle Fire;

Apps: Apps need a US credit card, or you cannot download from the Kindle Store. This was not really an issue for me, as I rooted my Fire, installed the Market, and can download from there, not to mention sideloading APK file apps, which I was able to do without rooting

2. Silk will works fine, should be no problem

3. Errr...he haven't try the Book Store yet, so I cannot tell you as for now.

4. Maybe will get problems with Kindle when streams the video from Amazon Prime, but if you not pay for Amazon Prime, then who cares..:)

5. Cannot set UK time zone, because there is no UK timezone selection for UK for 1st time setup. You may need to change it manually later.

6. Others thing should be fine..and he said he like it so much.